Saturday, 7 May 2011

Colour & Fabric Choices (Bloggers Give Back)

For everyone who's following along with the Bloggers Give Back project (check out the site here, and my old posts, here, here and here) I thought I'd give you a quick update. We'll be doing a garden clean up early in June, and getting some containers and planters installed, prior to Frankie Flowers working his magic on the whole garden in the fall.

At the same time we will be delivering the fantastic furniture Ikea donated along with the cushions from Tonic Living. This means the women at George Herman House will have some plants to look at, while sitting in some very comfortable chairs. Hopefully all while enjoying the nice weather that is on its way. 

From their Summer Collection of outdoor furniture, Ikea donated 8 ARHLOMA armchairs with pads, 1 ARHOLMA table/stool , 2 LACKO tables ,1 FALSTER table and 2 FALSTER benches. Tonic Living has donated outdoor fabric and sewing skills for 4 throw cushions for the armchairs, and 2 long cushions for the FALSTER benches. But Tonic Living has so many great patterns, how do we decide? Head on over to the Bloggers Give Back Site and let us know what you like. Personally I'm a fan of Slick Mink with Sunnyside Robin or Flatiron Pacifica with Sunnyside Chocolate. I asked the boy and he likes Sunnyside Coral and Cool Stripe Coral. Actually, I also like his choices, maybe he's got decent taste after all!

L-R Flatiron & Sunnyside Chocolate, Slick Mink & Sunnyside Robin, Sunnyside Coral & Cool Stripe Coral

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