Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I wonder why he's dizzy.

One of the things the boy has learned in school (from his friends not his teacher) is the joy of rolling down hills. Yesterday he spent a good 15 minutes rolling down the hill at the park. Near the end, he stood up and said. "I feel a little dizzy", but then proceeded to run up the hill and go again! Oh to be 4!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

From Apple Picking to Cookies

The boy & I went apple picking the other weekend at a local apple farm. He was very enthusiastic and we came home with nearly a bushel's worth of apples. 

Picking Apples in the pouring rain

We're now hitting the point where we're starting to need other things to do with the apples other than just eat them every day! When I saw this fantastic recipe on the Yummy Mummy Club for cookies made with applesauce, how could I resist?

The boy & I made them this afternoon and they are fantastic. We ate too many before I could get a good picture, so you'll just have to drool over the image on Yummy Mummy Club.

The only change I made in the recipe was to use hemp hearts instead of walnuts. This gives them a good protein kick, and they're still safe for the boy to take them to school. I've frozen half the batch and that way I have a quick ready made treat for us. Plus it means that we don't eat them all at once! 

Now I just need a few more recipes to go with the rest of the apples that are left!

Look Mummy, I got another one!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

It's official...

The boy came home with his Scholastic Book order today, I guess it's official, he really is in school! 

The book orders & book fairs were one of my favourite parts of public school. Being a bookish kid the ability to buy more books was heaven for me. It was so hard to narrow down my choices sometimes and pick just one (or maybe two) Now it's the boy's turn to be excited when those pieces of newsprint come home. And I have to work on helping him pick just one (or maybe two) books.

Friday, 7 September 2012

First week of school

It was the boy's very first week of school, and he loved it. He did great, the only one getting teary was me! He's done lots of painting and learned new songs and those were the two things he said he wanted to do before school started! Plus there's a workbench in the play yard, so he's pretty much in heaven!

Just thought I'd share a few pics of my (big) boy on his first day school...

Walking to school with Dad

Checking things out

Cool castles to climb in.
He can't wait to go back on Monday, although he did ask us how much longer until the end of June! I think for now we'll just count down to weekends.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Now he might want to be a pilot

We went to the CNE yesterday, and took in the airshow. The boy loved it. He was so into the jets, he was amazed at how fast they went. So today he has been tearing around pretending to be a pilot in a jet plane, all the while giving us cockpit commentary.  Guess we'll have to look into flying lessons when he gets older!

The best way to watch the show - up on Dad's shoulders