Monday, 23 May 2011

5 more minutes

The boy doesn't nap, but for the sake of mummy's sanity, he still goes into his room for some quiet time each day. Depending on how tired we are, - I mean how tired he is -, he's in his room anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. However this is not a solid amount of time, he generally pops in and out of his room every 15 minutes or so to check up on me, to go to the bathroom, to fill his water bottle up, and any other excuse he can think of.

He has a wall clock in his room, and while he can't tell time yet, he does know his numbers so you can ask him to stay in his room until the big hand gets to a certain number. Most of the time he's pretty good and waits until he is supposed to be coming out. Lately however he's been trying to push it and come out of his room earlier. If you ask him to stay until the big hand gets to the 12, he'll suddenly appear about 5 minutes early. The reason? "The big hand is between the 11 and the 12' 

I'm pleased that he's looking at his clock and mostly following the rules, and it's nice that he wants to come out and be with me. I know when he's a teenager it will be like pulling teeth to get him out of bed, and he'll be hitting the snooze button on his alarm, I'm sure. But for now, when he appears earlier that I was expecting him, it's me that says, 'Please, just 5 more minutes'.

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