Thursday, 26 May 2011

Gardening Boy

This year my parents decided to give the boy a small plot of garden in their yard so he could grow his own vegetables. He loves being outside, and digging around in our garden, which is a lot smaller and doesn't have huge amounts of space for veggies, so this is perfect for him.  He helps me plant and weed in our garden, and last fall, he 'helped' me plant all of bulbs. So having a second garden for him is great, plus it means more fresh veggies for us! 

We live within walking distance from my parents, so it means that he'll be able to check on his garden as he needs to. He's a bit impatient though, and quite often expects things to happen right away. He's still anxiously awaiting cherries on our cherry tree. It's covered in leaves and all the blossoms have dropped off, according to him this means there should be cherries for him to eat!

We popped over to my parents yesterday so he could plant his garden. In his patch, he is growing carrots, lettuce, radishes and potatoes. He put everything but the potatoes in, which my Mum had done a few days earlier. Today we had to pop over to their house during the day and see if anything had grown yet. Funnily enough, it hadn't! I explained that he only planted the seeds yesterday so there wouldn't be anything yet. He replied, "I know, but I thought the potatoes Grandma had planted would be growing by now.' Poor impatient boy, I think it will be a long summer checking on his plants almost daily!

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