Friday, 19 April 2013

Just like it used to be

Now that the boy is in school full time, I feel like I don't get to see him nearly as much as either of us would like, and the time we do spend together is not always the best as he's often tired & cranky from long days at school. (As an excuse, it means I don't have as much to say over here)

This weekend though, his Dad has to go to work, very early, on Saturday, so I said to the boy that because Daddy wouldn't be home, maybe he and I would go for a walk and get a treat for our breakfast. He was really excited by the idea and couldn't wait. Tonight as I was tucking him in, he reminded me that it was just he and I tomorrow, and he was really looking forward to it. Then he said, 'yeah, Mummy, it's just like it used to be when it was just you and me, I like that". 

My heart melted, and now, apart for the fantastic weather, I really can't wait for summer so I have 2 months to spend with just my boy. (Although check back with me in September to see if I really did enjoy it or if he managed to drive me crazy!)