Friday, 4 March 2011

Green Space (Bloggers Give Back)

I just wanted to share something that my friend Lindsay over at Aubrey & Lindsay's Little House Blog is doing. She is looking to help George Herman House transform their backyard into a soothing and usable area. George Herman House provides supportive housing for women with mental and emotional health issues, and I can only imagine how helpful it would be having somewhere close to them that they can sit in and relax, reflect, and unwind.

We all need somewhere green & peaceful to go and unwind, whether that's your backyard, a cottage, a local park, or an urban forest. Think how much your kids love to run around outside and how good they feel afterwards. The boy especially, loves to be outside as much as he possibly can, and is so happy when he can just be left alone to potter around in the backyard. In fact in the summer he would spend all day outside, trying to get out the back door while he's still in his PJ's!

Now imagine you are dealing with the challenges of having mental or emotional issues, how much more valuable would that access to somewhere soothing and relaxing be? If you can help Lindsay in her project, or want more information, check out her blog post here.

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