Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Do I really sound like that?

Most of us aren't fond of the sound of our own voice. We hear ourselves on home videos or answering machines, and think that can't  be me, I don't sound like that do I? Well I've recently had that same experience, except I haven't heard a recording of my voice, I've been hearing my words coming out of the boy's mouth. 

We were emptying the dishwasher today and he started bringing things over to me and asking me to count them. But he was using the same phrases that I use when I'm encouraging him to count. "How many spoons can you see" and then when I counted them out and answered him, he'd look at me and say (in a very perky voice) "that's right, good job!"  I guess it's cute that he wants to encourage me in the same way that I encourage him, but it's a bit disconcerting to hear my words coming back at me.

It's happened before, where I'll explain something to the boy, and he'll use the exact same words that I've used to tell someone else about it, and then use parts of that to talk about something else. But repeating my own phrases back at me, in the right situation is new. What this means is that I have to be even more careful what I say around him, I'm always afraid he'll hear snippets of what I say and take it out of context and repeat them in inappropriate places or to the wrong people.  Now I have to be even more worried that he'll know exactly what I'm saying and repeat it anyway!

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