Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gardening Time (Bloggers Give Back)

The boy and I were outside exploring our garden today (in the rain – he loves to be out in the rain. Who am I kidding, he just loves to be outside!) and looking for any new plants coming up. We had planted a bunch of bulbs in the fall, so it was fun to see them peeking through the ground starting to bloom.

The boy really loves to garden, he even has his own gardening gloves, wheel barrow, and trowel so that he can 'help' me in the yard. So when we planted our bulbs in the fall, I let him help me with it. He told me where he wanted them, I dug the holes, and he popped them in and put the dirt back in. It was a great afternoon and we both had lots of fun. What it does mean is that my bulbs are in some weird clumps and odd spots in my garden. But any sign of spring and flowers growing in my garden is a nice sight no matter where they are.

I love working in the garden with the boy, it's a lot of fun, especially on beautiful summer days – which I'm can't wait for – and it's great to do something productive and useful. Not only does the boy get to enjoy being outside, but I get to enjoy beautiful flowers, how can you beat that?

This led me to thinking about what the garden at George Herman House will look like and what would be nice for the Bloggers Give Back Project (if you're new to this, you can check out my old posts here and here, and go and see the Bloggers Give Back website where you can learn more about the project and how to get involved) But then I remembered the fantastic news – we don't have to worry about the garden anymore, we have a real pro on our side! Frank Ferragine (aka Frankie Flowers) and Beth Edney, a certified landscape designer are going to help us bring this garden to life!

Isn't that amazing? So not only have we got great sponsors with Ikea Canada donating all the outdoor furniture, Tonic Living donating outdoor fabrics and sewing services, and Mastermind Toys helping us purchase plants and other materials, but we now have Frankie Flowers helping us with the actual garden. That means that the residents at George Herman House will get something really special, and they both deserve and need it. Everyone should have somewhere they can go and relax, even if the flowers are in weird spots or not in colour co-ordinated groups. And since Frankie Flowers is on board now, we can count on the women at the house getting something even better than that!

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