Thursday, 5 May 2011

Today I'm....

The boy has a very vivid imagination and many of his games are make believe games. His newest thing is pretending to be different people. Which means you have to call him by that persons' name. He tells you who he's being and then if you call him by his own name he'll correct you and say "no Mummy, I'm not me, I'm...."

It's interesting who he picks to pretend to be. Most of them seem to stem from what he's doing at the moment, so if we're playing hockey or soccer then he's the Goalie. If he's doing jobs around the house he's either Bob (the Builder) or our contractor. Sometimes he's Nana, or Granddad, or even Lola (from Charlie & Lola). 

They all have different personalities, and do different things, so you'll never catch the goalie doing jobs around the house, he's only for sports, and  Nana does jobs like helping the boy to re-shingle her roof. They also all have their own (make believe) equipment. The goalie has pads and gloves, Bob has special tools, and Lola plays different games and instruments with Lotta or Charlie.

He also sometimes expects you to  be part of his make believe world, so occasionally I have to be Charlie, or Grandma, or even the boy, as he pretends to be someone else. It's a lot of fun, if not a bit confusing for me, as I try to keep it all straight. He's very good at reminding you who he's pretending to be, and also who you're supposed to be.  It helps that when he's pretending, he refers to himself in the third person, so "Bob is just putting up a new fence now" or "the Goalie has stopped the ball"

I don't know how long this phase will last, or if he'll just start internalizing the characters. For now, it's great having that glimpse into how his mind works, and seeing just how big his imagination really is. Now if I could figure out a persona for him to be that naps and is quiet and calm, we'd be set!

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