Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Market (A boys eye view)

After reading my friend Lindsay's post about her visit to the Toronto Christmas Market, I knew it sounded like something the boy would love. Since it ends this weekend, we headed out today along with my sister in law, niece, and nephew to check it out. If you haven't been, and you're in the area, you should try and get there before it ends. Especially if you're feeling a bit grinchy. The market really helps to infuse you with some holiday cheer.

It's held in the Distillery District in Toronto, which is a great place to begin with, and then add in booths selling food (poutine, schnitzels, pretzels, oh my!), Carol singers, an evergreen maze, a carousel, and Santa, and it is amazing! Not only did I love it, but the boy had a blast too.  Getting ready for bed tonight, I asked him what his favourite part of the day was, and his answer? Riding the carousel and taking pictures. Yup, that's right taking pictures! 

The boy took his camera today to document the outing. He uses my old (very old) Kodak digital camera and he loves it. We found an decent sized memory card for it, so he can take about 400 pictures on it before we have to clear the card off, which is a great help given that some days he snaps 10-20  pictures of me doing the same thing! He's getting a lot better at it, his thumb isn't in them nearly as much any more! It really is cool to see things from 3 1/2 feet off the ground, and so I offer up a few of the boy's shots of the Christmas Market.

The carousel, giant sculpture & Christmas Tree (and parking lot)

A wandering Christmas Angel

The Carol Singers (and post)

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