Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Calendar

It's December the 1st, so that means it's time for the boy to start his advent calendar. He was so excited for it, and has been talking about it for a while. If I was crafty, I  would definitely be all over the one my friend Lindsay at Little House Blog has made for her adorable little guy. Since I have two left thumbs, that's out of the question, but luckily we have my Advent calendar from when I was little.

The nice thing with this calendar is that all you have to do is hang it up! My mum bought it years ago at a Church Bazaar (you have to love those for fantastic hand made crafts) and it's a lot of fun for little ones. All you have to do is snap an 'ornament' each day onto the tree! I love the fact that it was a family tradition for me growing up, and it's now going to be a tradition for the boy too. Hopefully he appreciates it as much as I did!

I caught him peeking!

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