Tuesday, 20 December 2011

You won't like it.

Around our house we have a silly little joke between hubby & myself if we're eating something really good. One of us will turn to the other and say "this isn't very good, you won't like it. You should let me have it." We did this once around the boy and he was quite concerned that what we had wasn't good, and that we were going to give up our food and not have anything to eat.

We had to explain to him that we were just joking, and it really was good. It took some tries, and the first few times we said it to the boy he got quite upset. Suddenly though, something clicked in his head and he thinks it's hilarious. Of course this means that like anything else small children find hilarious, he repeats it at every chance he gets. In fact, today he even tried to 'convince' me I wouldn't like the shortbread we had just baked!

While it gets tiring hearing the same jokes over and over again, I love that he's developing a sense of humour, and is using it to make not just me laugh, but also to make himself laugh, sometimes for what feels like hours on end. I figure this is good prep for years of bad jokes to come. And quite frankly, any joke that doesn't involve bodily humour is o.k.  with me

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