Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It tastes green

We love Charlie & Lola around here in our house, both the books, and on occasion, the TV show too. There's one book called I'm Really Ever So Not Well, where poor Lola is sick. When she tries to drink pink milk (her favourite) it doesn't taste right to her, so she tells her brother Charlie that it tastes green.

I've been battling a head cold around here for the last few days (I think I'd like to thank the boy for sharing it with me) and it's totally messed up my sense of taste. I couldn't even eat a clementine this morning without it tasting horrible. So when the boy asked why I was just having plain toast at lunch, I told him it was because nothing tasted quite right to me, in fact it tasted green. This set off a fit of giggles and then everything for the rest of the day tasted green to the boy. As long as he's still eating it, I really don't care what colour he thinks it tastes! 

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