Monday, 12 December 2011

Glad I've got a hugger.

On the weekend there was an inflammatory article by Christie Blatchford published in the National Post, basically decrying the loss of manliness, and the 'sissyfying' of our boys. She recoiled in horror when she saw young boys hugging when they greeted each other. She wants a return to a time when men were men. When problems were settled by beating up the bullies, instead of talking about them. When men, and boys, just didn't hug each other.

As a mother of a young boy, I'm glad the boy hugs me. I will take a hug from him, any time, anywhere. Part of his night time routine has become calling out "just one last big snuggle Mummy" once we've put him to bed. It's often after I've already headed downstairs! But aside from thinking that doing another flight of stairs is probably some good cardio, I enjoy the fact that wants to hug me. And it's not just at home, I get good hugs from him when we're out and about, shopping, playing, at the pool, wherever. I know there will come a time when he won't want any kind of hug from me in public, so I'll take what I can get now.

I also don't want to raise a child (male or female) who resorts to their fists to solve problems. I'm glad the boy likes to hug, and not hit. There are too many women and children who are abused. I would rather the boy hug his friends and be considered 'fey' by Blatchford, than get confused ideas of masculinity telling him it's o.k. to hit. I want him to know that it takes more courage to talk to someone who is hurting you than to just lash out and hit them.

I'm going to continue to hug the boy, and let him hug me, whenever and wherever he feels like. I'm going to treasure every moment of contact with him, and encourage  him to be free with his emotions, and never be scared to hug his friends and family. It takes a strong man to be comfortable in his own skin, and not worry about being judged by people like Christie Blatchford.

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