Saturday, 26 March 2011

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese! Although in our house, it's actually whisky (I swear I read somewhere that that gives you a more natural smile, honest!). The boy has his own camera (one of my very old digital cameras) and he really enjoys using it.  

He's so proud of himself, and he really loves taking pictures. In fact, he often wants to bring the camera to family functions and outings so that he can take shots of everything. We need to wipe the memory card quite often, because he can't take just one picture at a time. I think he might have learnt that habit from me – in the nearly three years since he was born, I've probably taken at least 4000 pictures of him. That's the benefit of a digital camera, no more worries about not getting a good shot, the more you take, the better your odds are of having a good one.

It's funny to see what he takes photos of. As would be expected, there's an awful lot of pictures of his thumb, and I mean a lot. There's also a lot of extreme close ups of his face, and the inside of his nose, as he turns the camera on himself. Our poor dogs have also been the subject of his many photos, as he either tries to get in really close while they're sleeping, or he runs around after them for 'action shots'! The shots that I'm the least fond of are the ones he takes of me. Not that I really mind having my picture taken, it's just that from his height, most of the shots he manages to get are of my legs and bum! Definitely not my most flattering side!

We're just going through all the pictures he's taken so that we can print a selection to frame and put up in his room. That way he'll always have a fun reminder around him of his day to day life. And again, the beauty of digital cameras is we can sift through everything to find our favourite ones, rather than giving him a film camera and hoping for the best.

While he's no budding Annie Leibovitz, it is neat to see what captures his attention and what he thinks is important enough to document. Anything that nourishes his creativity and gives him an outlet for it can't be bad, and since they're digital, we only have to worry about finding storage space on our computers for them. And since he enjoys it so much, I guess that's worth my ass being immortalized!

Some of his handiwork

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