Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Christmas-y craft

It was a dreary day today, so to help pass the time, I decided the boy should do a craft. He wanted to make something for his Dad's office, so we thought something Christmas-y would be perfect.

He loves cutting and gluing, so I thought a simple Christmas tree that he could decorate would work really well. I drew a triangle on some green paper, and divided it so he could cut it into strips. Once he'd cut it out, we arranged them from biggest to smallest and then he glued them onto some paper.

His favourite part was 'decorating' the tree with some stickers we had. He decided they were the lights and so had to keep turning them on and off. He was very proud of himself, and before his Dad could even get in the front door tonight he was having the picture shown to him! And the best part was it kept him busy, occupied and (slightly) quiet for a good 20 minutes - bliss!

He loved adding the 'lights'

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