Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The natives are getting restless...

The jungle drums beat louder, you know that the natives are restless, something is wrong, there is trouble on the way.  It was a bit like that around here today!

The boy has his own drum set and he loves to bash around on it, he's actually getting quite good at some simple drum beats with the help of hubby. Normally he likes to play with an audience, and perhaps accompaniment on guitar or keyboard. But not this afternoon. 

Today we seemed to have exhausted everything we could do by mid afternoon. We'd baked cookies, done drawings, made crafts, played on our 'computer' and read lots of books. He didn't seem to want to do anything else. I was afraid a boredom meltdown was imminent. Then suddenly he announced he was going to play on his drums, and off he went to bang around on them for a bit. He came back up happy and ready to do other things. No more sign of a meltdown. Thank goodness for the drums - they were bringing good news today, and it's peace and quiet in the jungle now.

The boy on his drums - he resembles Animal when he plays!  

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