Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The boy's busy bag

My nephew is being baptised this weekend, and we are all looking forward to it - including the boy. I was getting a little worried about how hubby was going to keep him occupied for the service (I'm the godmother, so I'm not sure if I'll be with hubby & the boy). Normally at our home church, the boy is only service for 10-15 minutes or so and then he goes down to the nursery program. Plus, most of the people at our church know the boy and so are a bit more forgiving of his chattering than strangers might be.

I decided that we would bring the same type of quiet toys we bring when we go out to restaurants. The boy is fantastically well behaved when we go out for a meal (possibly because he loves to eat) and he definitely is not the type of kid that causes children under 6 to be banned from restaurants. Small problem though - normally his stuff goes in my purse, but I wanted to not bring my 'mummy' purse to the baptism, so what to do with all his junk?

My brilliant (if I do say so myself) solution? A cheap-o bag from the dollar store. The boy loves to carry purses, so I figured he'd be good with a bag that he could put over his shoulder and carry on his own, but  that is less obtrusive than his backpack. He was so excited at the thought of getting a purse of his own, and not having to use my old ones! We had to look at all the different styles and then he spent a good chunk of time debating which style he liked. He finally picked a fetching bag in green camo and couldn't wait to start using it! He's been carrying it around with him tonight and is so thrilled to take it to the church with him. Now I just have to make sure it matches the rest of his outfit for the baptism!

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