Thursday, 4 August 2011

Happiness is a box of new markers

Sometimes we forget about the simple things that make us happy. Think about it, the joys of cracking open a new book, a beautiful vase of flowers, squishing sand beneath your toes, the smell of fresh baked bread, a favourite song played on repeat. All of these make me happy, and none of them are overly expensive, hard to do or tough to find. But how often do we take the time to find these things and take a break to just be happy with simplicity?

The boy is much better at remembering that things don't need to be complex to make us happy. His newest happiness is a box of markers hubby brought home for him the other day. That combined with some big sheets of newsprint have kept him occupied, content, and happy for large chunks of time. And getting the boy to sit still to do anything is a major feat! He just wants to draw - pictures of me, letters, flowers, circles, it doesn't seem to matter what it is, as long as he is scribbling, swirling, and creating. His utter joy at having a new box of markers is lovely, and a great reminder to take pleasure in the simple things.

A young Picasso perhaps?

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