Friday, 19 August 2011

Are you watching?

The boy is at the stage where I have to be watching everything he does. Not because he's doing something dangerous (or not all the time), or because he's unsure or needs help (heaven forbid), but because that's what he wants. He loves to have an audience for his escapades.

"Mummy are you watching? Mummy, look, I'm going to do a somersault" or "Mummy are you watching? Mummy look, I'm colouring this in" or my favourite "Mummy are you watching? Mummy look I'm  being silly" I have to admit to sometimes telling him I'm watching, when really I'm not, like in the bank, or if I'm trying to make dinner. Most of the time though I try and watch him, since it's almost guaranteed amusement, amazement, or astonishment on my part. 

I love that he wants to share with me, and that he wants me involved in what he's doing. Goodness knows how long that will last, with his stubborn, independent streak. So for now, I am working at watching and making sure I really do look up and acknowledge him. The only time I don't want to hear "Mummy are you watching?" is when it's coming from the bathroom!

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