Tuesday, 16 August 2011

All better?

Our dog finally about got her stitches out today (after she hurt her back a few weeks ago) and the boy is so  relieved. He's been very worried about her and how she is doing. I love that he is so empathetic and is concerned about things other than himself. It means he's really growing up and turning into a caring little boy. He's also been quite chatty about the cone she has had to wear since she came home. Now that her stitches are out, we could take the cone off, and that's all he's been talking about.

He keeps checking her back out to see where the incision was, and seems really intrigued by the fact that it looks all better. He asked me this afternoon, "Mummy, her back is all mended, so is she all better now?" It's a bit tricky to explain to him that she needs to keep resting for a few more weeks and isn't quite 100% better yet. As a child who is pretty much a perpetual motion machine, the idea of having to be still and quiet is something he just doesn't understand!

Poor dog with her blanket and  her cone of shame

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