Monday, 22 August 2011

Eye Rolling

The boy and I were playing with his blocks today. He was busy building drills and using them to 'cut' pieces of wood (other blocks), using them as screwdrivers, and making houses and garages with his tools. (He loves tools, real, or make believe). And of course, being the boy, he had to have sound effects for all the drills and banging that he was doing, and every drill he built had a different noise and a different action that went with it.

He passed a drill to me and said, "Here, Mummy, you use this one to drill holes in your block of wood". So I took the drill and piece of wood that he gave me, and made some (what I thought were good) drilling noises. Apparently not. The boy looked at me with pity, took the drill away from me, and said sadly, "No, Mummy, that's not how you do it, just give it to me." He then proceeded to do it himself, and I wasn't given another drill to play with, I guess I couldn't be trusted with them! I had hoped that it wouldn't be until the boy was about 6 or 7 that the eye rolling would start, but apparently my lack of drilling skills brought it out in him earlier. Obviously, I need more practice before next time.

(L-R) His battery pack, drill, and screwdriver.

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