Friday, 29 June 2012

A Canada Day Craft

With Canada Day this weekend marking the unofficial start of summer, the boy thought it would be fun to do something "Canadaish"(his word) for a craft today. I decided we'd make our own Canada Flag. It's an easy (and quick) craft to do.

We've made this craft before, and since you use your child's hand print as the maple leaf, it would be a nice indication of how big they've grown if you made one each year.

All you need is some red & white construction paper (or white paper & red paint), scissors, glue & crayons or markers. Use your white paper as the base, cut your red paper into 3 even strips. Glue 2 of the red strips on the sides of the white paper, leaving you with a band of white in the middle.

There`s a couple of choices to make the maple leaf. You can then either trace your child's hand on the white & colour it in (that was what the boy wanted to do), or you could trace it on the last piece of red paper & cut it out & glue it in the middle of the white. (Or if you wanted, you could paint their hand red and get them to make a hand print on the page - we've done this in the past, and it looks very cute too.)

Serious concentration going on here colouring in his hand

Easy, quick, and not too messy - my kind of craft! Plus the boy has something he`s pretty proud of, and will be waving on Canada Day!

Canadian and proud!

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