Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cats and Dogs

We were shopping for new PJ's the other day (he's had another growth spurt!) and he decided he wanted kitty cat jammies (he's really into cats lately). That was fine, and so we started hunting for them. Dogs, dinos, diggers, bugs, spaceships, and lots of other designs filled the boys section of PJ's, but no cats. The cats were all in the girls section. So we ended up with a very cute pair of pink & purple kitty cat jammies, and one very happy boy.

But why are cats inherently feminine and dogs seem to be masculine? Who decided that? I have enough problems with the huge gender divides on clothes (why can't a girl like blue & monster trucks, or a boy like fairies & pink) and now even animals are decidedly girly or just for boys?

So far the boy hasn't shown any concern for what other people tell him to wear (he once told a boy who questioned why he was wearing a dress that 'he could wear what he wanted and it didn't matter') so I'll continue to let him help pick his own clothes and shop in whatever gendered section of the store he wants.

It helps that he looks good in pink!

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