Friday, 22 June 2012

Ancient Times

The boy has recently become exceptionally interested in the Romans lately. I've dug into all my old history books, we've gotten books from the library, and we've looked at pictures on line. We also created our own Roman 'costume'  with a centurion 'helemt' and his binoculars slung across his chest as his 'sword'
The roman soldier reading a book on Rome from the library

In doing our 'research' the boy has found some of his favourite new facts:
  • Romans didn't have toilet paper
  • Romans used oil to clean themselves and then scraped it off with all the dirt
  • Romans liked stinky fish sauce (Garum) on everything 
These get told to lots of people, especially if we're out and he's wearing his 'helmet'

Today's Roman activity was fort building with our blocks

Our 'fort'

But, like all good creations, it needed to be destroyed. I'm not sure what the Roman equivalent of Godzilla is but he appeared to finish off the fort.

Crushing the for!


  1. Goodness he is cute walking around with that basket on his head! Enjoy, these days fly by. I have 2 teenage girls, the "surprises" they wear tend to be a little different :-)

    1. Thanks! I'm a little afraid of what he'll get up to as a teenager if his behaviour now gives me any indication ;)