Monday, 18 July 2011

You can do it Mummy.

The boy is still at the stage where he thinks I can do anything, and I love it - most of the time. It's amazing that even after seeing me everyday, he still thinks so highly of me. However, today is one of those days where he thinks I can do the impossible. And while I'm good, I'm not that good!

He has some little cars he was playing with in our family room and one of them went under our couch. Needless to say the couch has just enough space to let a dinky car go under it, but not much else, including my arm. Thankfully it went under the couch that isn't against a wall, and so I was able to get out. Two minutes later however the car ended up under the couch that's against a wall. I can't see the car, can't get my arm under the couch to feel for the car, or get anything to reach the car, so it looks like the boy is out luck. 

Unfortunately, he doesn't see it this way. When I told him I thought he wouldn't be getting the car back any time soon because I couldn't get it, he looked amazed. "Of course you can Mummy. You can do it, you can get it out Mummy". I'm touched by the faith he has in me, but sadly, he's still not getting that car back today.

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