Friday, 1 July 2011

I like it best...

Since today was Canada Day, hubby was home all day with us, which is great. Not only does the boy get to spend more time with his Dad, but it also means that I get to go to the bathroom in peace! What more could I ask for?

While we we coming home from playing soccer in the park, the boy decided to hold both of our hands, mainly so he could swing, which is one of his favourite things to do, and he looked up at hubby and said, "I like it best when it's the three of us, you and me and Mummy." 

With that, how could hubby not want to quit work and stay at home with us all the time? Sadly, less than an hour later, the boy reminded hubby why he was happy to go to work occasionally, when the boy wouldn't stop singing a made up song with nonsense words. Guess the boy will have to settle for second best next week and just stay home with me!

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