Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A better mummy

The boy attends a playgroup twice a week for a few hours each day. The group consists of kids ages 3 to 5, and they sing songs, do crafts, listen to stories and just generally have fun. Parents don't stay, and most of the time the boy is totally fine with that, sometimes, barely turning around to say good bye before he goes off to play.

All this changes if he's tired though. When I dropped him off today, he was tired and didn't want me to go, so I stayed for a few minutes. We did a craft together, played for a bit, and then I got him started on a painting. He was totally immersed in it, so I checked with him, he said he was good so I headed off.

When I picked him up after class, he was telling me all about what he'd done, his new friend Jason (a girl who's real name is Jasmine, but he insists that her name is Jason - poor girl) and what songs they sang. It was obvious he'd had a good time. Fast forward to dinner time tonight when the boy was telling hubby about his afternoon. He talked about a new boy in his class (who had a made up nonsense name - I think he invented the child) and the mummy of the new boy (she also had a made up name). He then told us that the mummy stayed for the whole time, so I jokingly asked him if that made her a better mummy than me. Of course he said 'yes'. Moral of the story, make believe mummies are always going to be better than the real thing!

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