Friday, 15 July 2011

Sick Boy

The boy was sick yesterday and some of it has spilled over into today. He had a bit of a fever and some aches and pains. Nothing too serious thankfully. But it does mean that he's not quite his usual self. He was up a few times in the night and wanted cuddles in his bed, which I was more than happy to give him. Especially since normally he only wants to snuggle for a few minutes, and then I get kicked out, as it's his bed, and I have my own to go and lay in.

Normally the boy is a 'Daddy's boy', if hubby is around that's who he wants to spend time with. It's understandable really, since the boy spends most of his time with me, and only gets to spend weekends and a few hours a day with hubby. But that all changes with the boy is sick. Then, all he wants is Mummy. I have to admit that I revel in this a little bit. As much as I hate seeing the boy sick (and it makes me so thankful that he is generally healthy), it means that for a change, all the boy wants is Mummy, and that's about all that feels good when the boy doesn't.

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