Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Special Guests

The boy started a week of summer camp yesterday. It's a little half day program our town runs for  3-5 year olds. They have a different theme each day, and do a mix of crafts, baking, games, nature walks and more. So far he seems to be loving it - in fact yesterday when I picked him up at lunch he wanted to make sure he got to go back again today!

The counselors had put together a little newsletter for the parents letting them know the themes of each day and what some of the activities would be. Since the boy likes to be prepared, I was reading it to him yesterday afternoon so that  he could stay pumped about camp and have something to look forward to. He was really into it, and was telling hubby all about it at night.

Today is bug day, tomorrow is dino day, Thursday is beach day, and Friday is a 'Pajama Party'. As I read all the different crafts and games they would be doing, he was getting really excited. When I got to Friday, they have a "special guest" coming, and before I could even tell the boy that the guest was a magician, he looked at me and said in a very excited, breathy voice "Oh, I love guests!" I guess this means I need to have people over more often so that the boy can have more guests. Just hope they realize that they will have to be entertained by the boy!

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