Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It could always be worse

My new mantra is "it could always be worse". It fits most things in every day life. Someone will always be worse off than you, someone's kid will (sadly) always be sicker, someone's house will be smaller (or non-existent),and the weather could always be colder, hotter, wetter or drier. 

And of course, anything your kid has destroyed, ruined or spilled, it could always be worse. That's where this website comes in - For me, it's the perfect reminder that most of the time I've got it pretty good. So yes, while the boy took a face dive in the mud today while we were playing the pouring rain and then wanted to hug me, he still hasn't smeared peanut butter himself. And, yes, the fact that he drew on the couch with a dry erase marker (by accident), was pretty annoying, but at least he didn't paint my bathroom with nail polish.In his efforts to be helpful and self sufficient he has poured milk on the counter, but he's always managed to stop before he's spilt all the milk. So every time I have a bad day with the boy, or he makes a giant mess, or I look at the dent he put in the wall with his head (he was fine, my wall not so much), I just need to repeat to myself "it could always be worse", over and over again.

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