Monday, 25 April 2011

Perpetual Motion Boy

It seems like the boy never stops moving. He is constantly going, dashing from one task to another. I wish I could harness it, and bottle it, perhaps even run some of my appliances off of him - think of the energy savings!

The way our house is laid out, we have a door at either end of our kitchen, so quite often, the boy does laps of our main floor, running through the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It's actually quite funny, he has his own personal race track. He also rides his little 'bike' round the loop, often creating a story about where he's going and what he needs to do while he's riding. In one way it's really helpful, because it means that while I'm making dinner, he's tearing around the house, but I still see him every two seconds or so, and I'm only a few steps away in case I hear a 'thump'!

I managed to get this photo of the boy the other day as he blew past me! 

And this was before any Easter treats!

If only I had that kind of energy all the time, luckily he's content to play by himself, and just have me as an audience. Thankfully, this means I don't have to chase him constantly although maybe I'd be in better shape if I did!

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