Friday, 7 October 2011

Crafty Thanksgiving

I've mentioned before how I'm not all that crafty, in fact, my craft skills probably stopped at the age of 6! But the boy loves doing crafts, and at his age I can just about keep up.  In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I decided we would make a  turkey themed craft today, and so we made Happy Thanksgiving/I'm thankful cards. So easy and the boy loved it! Plus it meant we could talk about being thankful, which was a good reminder of how fortunate we are.

The boy is really into tracing his hands lately, in fact many of his crafts that come home from his playgroup have his hand traced on them somewhere! I decided that we'd make turkeys with his hand print (who doesn't remember doing that at some point in public school?) and then put them on cards for the grandparents. We traced his hand, cut it out, he coloured them, glued them onto the cards that he'd folded and then we wrote on the inside that we were thankful for his grandparents. 

Then of course he had to write his name (a long process that takes up most of the length of the paper), and decorate the inside. And voila, a cute home made craft that helped to keep him busy for a little bit, and I'm sure will be treasured by the recipients!

Turkey (Lurkey) Cards!

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