Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Boy Cave

I've been suffering from a migraine the last few days, so the poor boy has had to try and play as quietly as possible. That's not an easy task for the boy at all, especially when he has all his tools out and is 'fixing' things. So in the effort to get a few minutes of quiet yesterday, I decided that I would build the boy a 'cave'.

We tidied the floor of his closet out, put in some old pillows, blankets, and found a touch light for him. He then took in a whole bunch of his books, some of his 'friends' (his doll Reese and one of his plush bunnies), a water bottle and a little snack. He promptly pulled the door mostly shut, said "I know where you are if I need you Mummy" and started reading his books. It was great, I managed to get nearly 15 minutes by myself, which was amazing. What's even more amazing is that he asked to go back in it this morning, and again this afternoon! It's fantastic, now I just wish I'd thought of it sooner!

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