Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I am the first to admit that I am not a crafty mum, in fact, I'm not artistic at all. I used to dread art class in school, I mean how could you judge something that was an inherent talent, that I obviously didn't have! I'd much rather write an essay on the campaigns of Julius Caesar than draw a still life of some grapes and a wine bottle. I really appreciate anyone who has an artistic talent, if you can paint, or draw or sculpt, it blows my mind, it amazes me that people can take something they see and then translate it into a visual representation – true talent to me.

All of this being said, I do like doing art projects, but I'm more on the photography or beading side of things, something that is even if it doesn't turn out quite right can still be 'funky' and supposed to look that way. Now the boy is getting into doing “crafts” as he calls them so it's been a great way to pass a cold wintery afternoon. The best part of doing arts and crafts with a toddler is the sheer joy they have at making something of their own. So simple crafts (which is what I can handle) are the best, we've tackled muffin cup flowers, tissue paper butterflies, cards, collages, and more. The boy is even just excited to scribble on some construction paper, cut it into strips, and then bingo, everyone gets a new bookmark! We went through a number of pieces of construction paper that way, so I now have about 15 different bookmarks – good thing I like to have a number of books on the go at once.

All of this is great for the next few years but what happens when his art talent outstrips mine? (which will undoubtedly happen when he turns 8 or 9, probably about the same time the eye-rolling at everything Mum does, starts) I can come up with great ideas, it will just be up to the boy to implement his poor art-deprived mother's plans and hopefully he'll be into making popsicle stick houses and shoe box dioramas of the Tell Tale Heart. But for now I don't have to be ashamed of my craft skills, because my tissue paper butterfly looks just as good as his does!

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