Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My little story teller

Occasionally I'll write a blog post with the boy around, and then he asks me to read it to him. He likes hearing the stories about him and will ask for them repeated to him a number of times (which can be a bit tricky while I'm trying to do any kind of editing!) He also likes telling stories himself. Normally they're about things that he has done, or variations of things that have happened to him. But now he's really started to make stories up and it's amazing what he comes up with it.

He told me one the other day and said I could share it "where you tell the stories about me Mummy". So here it is, the story of the Daddy and the Kitty Cat. 

There was a Daddy and a kitty cat. They were playing catch with some string. When the kitty cat hit it, she hit it so hard it went up and up and over the fence. The next time she hit it, it went up and up and into a tree. The third time she hit it, it went up and up and hit some glass.

That's it, a real cliff hanger I know. I think he has more to say about the Daddy and the kitty cat, so I'm sure I'll have an ending for you soon. He's young, but I'm thinking future Giller Prize winner perhaps?  

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