Thursday, 2 June 2011


I was just showing hubby and the boy some videos of the boy and what he'd been up to the past few days (running through the sprinkler, riding his bike, playing his drums, and going on his scooter - not only is the boy busy, he's also spoilt!) The boy loves watching himself and in fact when you take a picture of him, one of the things he wants is to be able to see it right away - thank goodness for digital cameras!

After we'd watched the home movies, we asked the boy if he wanted to play outside for a bit to see if we could start to tire him out - he's had some ridiculously late nights recently - and of course, he agreed. So I grabbed the camera and we headed outside to see what he wanted to play with. He decided that it was time to go out on his scooter. Then the boy told me I had to film it, and that I had to ask him the same questions as we had asked him in the video we'd all just watched.

After he'd finished scooting, we came in and he announced that he now needed to play drums and sing K-K-Katie (another clip we'd just seen) So now I have two almost identical movies of the boy, doing identical things, saying almost exactly the same things, just a few days apart. I guess I should be grateful that he's wearing different clothes in each movie!

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