Monday, 20 June 2011

Feeding Bunny

The boy has a stuffed rabbit that he got when he was born, that he still loves. It's from the fabulous line of French toys called Kaloo (The amazing Mastermind Toys carries them - you can check out what they've got here) Being very inventive, this rabbit is called 'Bunny'.

Bunny comes with us around the house, and occasionally has to join us for meals. Normally it's just lunch or a snack that Bunny gets to eat with us, but tonight, Bunny joined us for dinner.  Hubby had to go out to a meeting, so it was just the boy and I for dinner. I decided that we would have a special treat and have grilled cheese sandwiches and veggies for our dinner. As I was serving it up, the boy announced that we needed to get Bunny, since "he really loves grilled cheese" 

So Bunny dutifully came and joined us, and of course he had to have a bib on too so that he wouldn't get dirty! Bunny apparently really does love grilled cheese, cucumbers and peppers, but he's not so fond of pickles. It's interesting because this means that Bunny has his own personality, because the boy loves all of these things. The boy even wanted to get Bunny his own dessert, since apparently Bunny didn't want to share with the boy - what a scam artist! Besides, everyone knows that Mummies get the extra dessert for all the hard work of putting small boys to bed!

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