Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer Fun with his Best Friends

In a brief moment of sunshine today the boy wanted to go outside and have an 'ice pop'. We make home-made smoothies and then freeze them as our healthy summer treat. Our current batch is strawberry/banana/mango with vanilla yoghurt - very tasty if I do say so myself!

When the boy eats the ice pops (blame this name on something that happened with his favourite characters - Charlie & Lola) he can be quite messy, so the rule is that they have to be eaten outside and he has to wear a bib. He's fine with these rules, and would eat an ice pop outside even in the pouring rain or the freezing cold if he could! I chalk this up more to his love of being outside than how good the ice pops are.

While he was eating his treat today, he insisted on sitting on our deck's step which put him at the perfect hight for our two dogs to insinuate themselves for some ice pop. The boy loves our dogs, and they love him back (especially at meal time when his seat is the perfect place to sit under), so he was more than happy to share with them by pouring the melted part of his pop onto the ground for them to lick up! They were happy to oblige by cleaning up after him, and that meant that there was less for him to accidentally drip on himself (which is what normally happens) and the dogs got a treat too, win-win!


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