Saturday, 7 January 2012


Since it was Epiphany on Friday, it meant that we could take down our Christmas tree & decor this weekend. I was glad of that, as I was starting to get tired of having my living room all topsy turvy. The nice thing when we moved the tree out was we got to see a big open space again and figure out what we really needed and where. I'm trying to de-clutter, so it was nice to not put things back, and to just have space.

It also meant that we could reorganize the boy's toys. He has some toys on our main floor, and then another collection in our basement. Once we shifted the tree out, and moved the furniture back, we could see what space we had for all of his things upstairs. Granddad made him a workbench for Christmas, so that had to take the place of honour, (since he loves his tools) but then all of his other bits and pieces had to get fit in too.

He loved getting all his toys settled. He kept moving them around, deciding where they worked best, what shelf things should go on, and where they fit. He spent a fair chunk of time shuttling things back and forth between locations to get things just right! I was really surprised at the attention to detail he put into everything, he was quite precise as to the usage and placement of everything, and making sure that it worked and that it was tidy. Perhaps we have a future designer,  home stager, and builder on our hands.

The giant workbench that keeps him very busy!

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