Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm the winner!

For Christmas the boy got a sound bingo game. Each player has a board with 8 sounds on it and there's a main unit that plays the different noises.  It's quite cute and it's a quick play which is perfect for days when our attention span isn't so long.

The neat thing is that it tells you who the winner is, so there's no arguing or discussions about it. There's also no cheating! So far the boy just likes to play and he isn't overly fussed when he doesn't win. That's not to say he doesn't like winning best, but he is still happy when someone else wins.  When the game is over the unit says 'yay! Blue player is the winner!' The boy thinks this is pretty funny and when he has won, he repeats it and says 'Yay, I'm the winner'.

I'm quite conscious of trying to make sure he's not a poor looser, especially since he's only child. Luckily both hubby and I have a decent competitive streak so it's hard for us to let him win every game we play. I think that it's good for him to know that you can't win at everything, and that it's o.k. to loose.  For now he's still happy to cheer for the winner of each game, and hopefully that will continue, as he graduates from Bingo to more advanced games like Candyland.

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