Thursday, 3 November 2011

Driving lessons

The boy is currently  fascinated with road signs and what they mean. We have to explain everything we see when we're out. He also wants to know about the rules of the road, and how cars work. Tonight at dinner, he stumped hubby and I with a question about how carburettors work and what they do. Thank goodness for Google is all I can say!

He's also turning into a bit of a back seat driver. The other day a small voice popped up from the back seat as we were on our way to get groceries - 'mummy, you're supposed to stop at a yellow light because a red light is coming next and you have to stop for red lights.'

I can't wait until he's old enough to drive so that I can start commenting on his abilities. But if he continues to have to an insistence on following the rules of the road like he does now, there might not be much to comment on! Although if the insurance system continues the way it is now, he'll still be paying through the nose to drive, safe driver and rule follower or not, so I might have to wait a little longer to polish up my back seat driving comments.

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