Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Copy Cat

We were out and about running errands today (in the pouring rain), and the boy insisted on bringing pup pup (a stuffed dog/blankie he's had since he was a baby) with us. So we tucked pup pup into his jacket, and zipped him up. This meant that pup pup was facing out at the world from the neck of the boy's coat.

Halfway into the store the boy stopped and said "I'm carrying pup pup just like Auntie M carries her boy!" I love that the idea of baby wearing is a normal thing for him, but it's also worrying, since he's only seen the little guy in the carrier a few times. It's also a good reminder of how much he remembers, and how careful I have to be of what I say and do around him. It means no more eye rolling, since I'm sure it won't be long before he's learnt that on his own and is practising it on me!

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