Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Farmer Boy

The boy has been lucky to have 2 vegetable gardens this year. One at our house, and one at his grandparents house (they live a few minutes away). This means that we've been treated to more cherry tomatoes than you can shake a stick at, cucumbers coming out the wazoo, beans, beefsteak tomatoes, onions, herbs, potatoes and peppers.  It's fantastic, because not only do we get fresh veggies but the boy has also gotten to see the whole cycle of things growing. He helped to plant everything in both gardens, and he's been 'responsible' for reminding us to check on everything and see if anything needs picking.

We don't have a large yard, it's a very typical suburban backyard, except for the fact that about 20 years ago a previous owner planted a giant tree in the middle of the yard. Which means that we have a shady yard. Great for playing in, not so great for vegetables. So we took part of our side yard that gets sun and used that for our veggies. It's only about 10 feet long and 2 or 3 feet deep. But it's big enough for a cucumber plant, 6 tomato plants, some onions, peppers and herbs. I would encourage anyone who's thinking of trying to grow something to give it a serious go next year. You don't need a lot of space to get started, and it doesn't cost a lot. In fact it's saved us money off  my grocery bill as I have veggies at home. The only downside? The constant reminders to go and check to see if anything needs picking, even if we just harvested things an hour ago!

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