Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Wreath

The other week I decided that the boy and I would try making a Christmas wreath (it couldn't be any worse than our Easter wreath), and I figured if it didn't turn out, it could get hung on the boy's bedroom door and I'd put a store bought one on the front door.

Then I saw a tweet from Lindsey at Recreated (@LGrecreated) about this 'Amaze-Balls" wreath she had created, and I thought, hey, maybe I can do that. (Plus her post had plenty of 'balls'  and I have  the sense of humour of a 12 year old boy).

I let the boy pick the balls he wanted to use, and then he told me where to place them when we put the wreath together. I probably would have put more on, but the boy decided we had enough, and since he was the creative team, and I was just the labour, I had to listen to him.

The finished product

The boy loves to show it off to everyone, and I think it's front door worthy, so we're all set - bring on Christmas!


  1. It looks GORGEOUS! Love the colour combo you choose too.

    1. Thanks - the boy actually helped with the colour choice - sometimes he's got a pretty good eye!

    2. Agreed!!! This is awesome!