Thursday, 15 March 2012

A spring project - Day 1

The boy got a greenhouse for Christmas, and decided he wanted to use it to grow plants that could then go outdoors in the spring. This means that we just planted it today.

The boy picked what he wanted grow, so we have a tray of leeks, a tray of carrots, and two trays of lettuce (apparently he really likes lettuce!). We made little signs so we know what is growing where - I wrote the words out and the boy drew pictures of the veggies. He also decided that he needs to talk to the plants to help them grow, so he kept going out to chat with them today, telling them they need to grow up big and strong so we can pick them and eat them!

We grew some bean seeds last year in cups, and it was a lot of fun for him to watch them grow. Growing plants with little ones is great as not only is there a fun end result, it also helps to teach patience - since nothing grows as fast as they would like!

We decided that we would document how they grow, so here is the boy's first picture of his plants

Hopefully they're not cowering in fear at the thought of being picked & eaten.

He's really into this at the moment, so I hope we can carry it on, and it won't be too long before it's warm enough that we can transplant the seedlings outside. Then we'll see what he wants to grow next.

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