Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Heart Shaped Boy

The boy & I were feeling crafty today, and with Valentine's Day approaching, I thought we could break out a cool (but simple) heart craft. I found this craft the other night while I was browsing Pinterest. (If you haven't used Pinterest, I suggest it with a warning, it is a fantastically addictive site). 

The banner was so easy to make, the boy cut the strips out (that's my excuse for why some of them are a bit wonky), and we assembled it & stapled it together. Folding the paper into the heart shape was my job, and then the boy helped to hold them in place while I stapled it.

I didn't follow the directions exactly as pictured, but once you start making it, it's so simple, you'll come up with your own rhythm for what works best. With 3 sheets of construction paper, I managed to make 15 hearts, which seemed to be a good length for the banner. My only problem was that I couldn't find a small stapler around, so unfortunately I had to use a standard stapler, which was a bit big trying to fit inside the hearts. 

The boy had a blast making it (and then running around wearing it afterwards) and now our house feels a little bit more Valentine-y!

The chain also doubles as a sash!

A little seasonal spirit over our fireplace.

If you want to find the original site that the craft came from, check it out here, just as a note, it's not in English, which is why I posted the other link up top. 

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