Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Just a mum

I was at the boy's school the other day after dropping him off at lunch time. I then had following conversation with one of his little friends.

Little Girl: Are you a helper or a Mom?
Me: I'm a mum, I'm the boy's mum.
LG: Oh, how come you were here the other day then too?
M: I was helping out
LG: Oh, my mum never comes to school.
M: Oh, um, well, does your Mum have a job? I'm at home, so I can come in and help. But if your mum works, that would be why she can't come in during the day.
LG: No, she doesn't work, she's just a mum (said with serious disdain)

At this point it took all my mum skills to keep a straight face and not burst out laughing.

After asking a a few more questions I found out that the little girl has a baby sister and her mum is home with the little one all day.

But, in the mind of her daughter, she doesn't work, since she's "just a mum"

Even days after the event I still can't help but smile at the thought of the poor mum of that little girl who 's 'just a mum' . 

Although I'm now afraid to ask the boy what he thinks I do, I'm not sure I'd want to hear the answer.

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