Thursday, 24 May 2012

Don't come in here.

Some of the most feared words a parent of a small child can hear them say is 'don't come in here' (especially if the child sounds panicky at the time, or it was proceeded by a loud crash)

I hurt my back about a month ago, and as part of my treatment I've been having a weekly in-home massage from an RMT. It's great since I don't need to worry about taking the boy with me or finding someone to watch him for me.  He loves it too because he's allowed to watch tv for the hour (a rare treat for him).

Today while getting my massage the boy decided he was hungry and went to get himself some cereal to snack on. Suddenly there was a loud crash and the sound of cereal spilling. I asked if he was o.k. and his answer was "I'm fine Mummy, but don't come in here." Then there was a pause  and he added "It's o.k. now, the dogs are cleaning up the mess." Good thing my dogs like muesli!

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